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Fire Mitigation

With an ever increasing urban wildland interface, the need to protect property and homes from forest fires is vital.  Removing dead trees/timber and other potential fuels on your property is the best way of preventing property loss due to fires. Our goal is not just to make your property      insurance compliant but to protect the forests around you too. 

Arboriculture is the foundation of Big Leaf Industries. The owner and ISA certified arborist Grant Lauer, has 12 years of experience pruning,  removing and planting trees in Denver and surrounding communities. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality tree care available.

Pruning, Removal & Planting
Lumber & On-site Milling

Lumber and milling are a big part of what we do. Our portable sawmill offers our clients a unique service.  Whether we are removing dead timber from your property (think fire mitigation) or just a single tree we can leave you with a useful product as well. Or perhaps you are a carpenter looking for a rare or unique slab of locally harvested lumber, we are your source!


We offer a variety of woodworking and building services from custom tables to post and beam structures. Big Leaf is able to provide beautiful, unique pieces either from your tree or our stock of locally harvested lumber.  So even if it isn't wood from your       property it is still a colorado product!


At Big Leaf Industries we are passionate about trees! Everything about them.  Trees enhance our lives in many ways and as a company, Big Leaf Industries embraces that fact.   In the urban environment, our goal is to preserve quality trees, mitigate hazards and accentuate the natural beauty of each species. We want to provide the highest quality pruning available and when necessary safe and efficient removal as well. Whether removing a tree or trees, we come to the other particularly enjoyable and unique side of this company. Utilizing resources to the fullest. Most of the time trees are simply wood bound for the local landfill. When you have the capability of milling the logs then you have lumber, a unique and useful product. The trees we remove are given a second life in the form of wood products and lumber. We can build you a table or an arbor out of your tree. Or, perhaps you have a building project of your own, then lumber is what you need!  On larger scale jobs such as fire mitigation in rural areas the benefits of on-site milling only increase and the possibilities grow.  Like I said, trees can enhance our lives in many ways!



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